Formula 1 in reading. How to teach a child to read at high speed?


Of course, every parent dreams that the baby is a clever clever boy knows how to formulate his thoughts and conduct a dialogue, find a common language with other people and feel comfortable in any team.

The role of the ability to read in the development of the babyread

To start developing this skill is never too early. And the first thing you can do to create an enabling basis for learning to read is to instill in your child an interest in books. For this, you can from the first days of life to read the son or daughter of children’s books, look at the pictures together, turn over the pages. The latter will also contribute to the development of fine motor skills, which in turn, again stimulates the development of speech and reading skills. Read more: 10 Different study strategies to promote learning20

Growing up, the child will show an increasing interest not only in pictures but also in words and letters.

Making a child enthusiastic reader is absolutely in your power, and good family habits, for example, reading books at night, will only provoke even greater interest in reading.

Modern techniquesread

There are enough techniques to teach the child to read and read fluently, and the younger your baby, the more choices you have. Let us dwell in more detail on the most popular of them. Read more: Enroll in Cosmetology School and Begin a New Career

Glen Doman’s technique or the method of teaching reading in whole words

This method is universal and suitable for training children from the first month of life. Its essence lies in teaching reading in whole words, which initially forms the ability to “grasp” the whole word, which subsequently contributes to the development of the child’s speed reading skills. The baby is shown cards with different words during the time of scoring the written word, ie. The display of one card takes 1-2 seconds. During one show the kid sees up to 10 cards with words.

After a certain period (for each kid in different ways), the brain of a little man goes independently into the notion of a letter, and from that moment the child can read any words.

Mom and Dad, limited in time for classes with the baby, will be glad to learn about more ready-made video lessons according to the Glen Doman method, which can be shown to your baby.

With their help, you can teach your child to read without much time spent by their parents. Of course, the ideal situation will be if you are near the child while watching, supporting the baby and commenting on what is happening on the screen. But even if the baby is watching the video alone, you will always be sure that he spends his time with benefit.

The teaching method for reading by syllablesread

The meaning of the method consists in a phased study of letters first, starting with simple, for example, open solid vowels and voiced consonants, gradually moving towards more complex (hissing and whistling) sounds.

After that, they pass to the direct connection of letters into syllables and the gradual study of syllables also from simple to complex. Complex are syllables with complex sounds or those where the vowel stands in front of the consonant. When a child has learned to read syllables, he goes on to read simple words.

  1. Zaitsev argues that the syllable, rather than the letter, should be considered an elementary part of speech, that’s why this technique immediately stops on syllables and compilation of words from them, additionally paying much attention to the brightness of the cubes (they can be multi-colored), their size and sound (inside cube different fillers can be filled). Thus, when playing with cubes, various memory zones in the brain are activated, which certainly contributes to the faster involuntary acquisition of information and allows the child to be taught to read in a rather short time.

Letters on cubes are read from a distance of 10 meters, which does not create visual tension and does not require excessive concentration of the baby’s attention.

In ready-made sets often also includes tables with syllables and letters, as well as disks with music for sub-vocals. The last is especially pleasant to children and without effort is remembered first of all.

The teaching method for reading Chaplygin cubes

This original technique appeared only recently – it was patented in 2008. Ready-made sets include single cubes and double rotating cubes on one stand that form various syllables. Thanks to this technique, you can easily teach your child to read by playing an exciting game. Very soon he will be able to independently build syllables and words using these cubes. And a little later, even express their thoughts in whole sentences, thus, in fact, learning more and writing.

Comparison of methodsread

For a long time, the method of learning to read by letters is perhaps the most unfortunate if we are talking about the subsequent desire to teach the child to read fluently with a constant increase in the speed of text scoring. The fact is that a child trained by this method often has a habit of fixing on a particular letter. From the side, one can observe how he diligently drives his finger from one letter to the other with a snail’s speed. It is this finger on the letter that does not allow him to see not that the word or sentence is entirely, but often even a syllable. Therefore, for such children, reading often turns into anguish with maximum nervous and visual tension.

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