The most absurd mistakes in school textbooks

school textbooks

The Russian Academy of Education (OAR) compiled a list of errors and shortcomings found in the pages of school textbooks. The presentation, which is available to TASS, was prepared for the Ministry of Education on the basis of additional expertise.

The shortcomings found by experts are very different – from the inconsistency of the picture to its description before the promotion of tobacco smoking. For example, biology textbooks depict the structure of the sponge instead of the structure of the cell, it is written that roundworms can breathe, which is not true. On the pages of the history book, the signatures to the pictures are incorrect, indicating the erroneous dates for the construction of the monument and its location. The English textbook contains images in which characters smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and use explosives to fish. Read more: Advantages and disadvantages of distance education

absurd mistakes in school textbooks

RAO experts also believe that some textbooks of fine art “abound in illustrations of nudity.” To the textbooks on computer science also there are claims – on its pages screenshots of the operating system Windows 95, and the description of modern trends takes several lines. The above procedure for formatting the system drive will result in the computer being left without an operating system in an idle state. Read more: The Number of Secondary School Pupils Is Set to Grow

The textbooks of mathematics and chemistry contain errors in terms. The task in the textbook on music “to create your own version of the biography of Mozart” does not contribute to the formation of schoolchildren of reliable knowledge of the creative biography of the composer. The author of the textbook on social studies writes that with colored and inflated people there is nothing to talk about, which does not contribute to a tolerant attitude towards representatives of different cultures. In the textbook of economics, it is written that people who graduated from school textbooks are 50% less likely to get AIDS, which is not true. Keep reading

most absurd mistakes in school textbooks

The presentation contains more than 50 illustrations, however, the title and authors of textbooks in which errors are found are not specified. “We deliberately do not specify specific publications before the final meeting at the Ministry of Education and Science based on the results of the examination,” TASS noted in the press service of the Russian Academy of Education.

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