6 keys to choose a good multimedia educational material

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A multimedia educational material covers the diversity of means that exist to present training contents through digital technologies. During an educational process mediated by technology, it is necessary to use tools that establish effective communication mechanisms among the participants and that allow to integrate graphic elements, sound and interactive resources, which facilitate the assimilation of autonomous and meaningful learning.as teaching practices involve challenges and opportunities. One of them is the possibility of developing teaching materials, in which we include various resources. The construction of materials has been a relevant issue in teaching, added to the current sociology-educational context, where new technologies applied to teach, pose new pedagogical and didactic questions in the teaching task.

The use of multimedia in education makes it possible to design attractive and effective training proposals in a teaching system, enriching and optimizing the presentation of contents using images, videos, music, animations, etc.

Here we present the 6 essential characteristics that a good multimedia educational material should have:

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#1- Develop programs that allow a simple use, easy installation and that guarantees the safety of the equipment in which it operates; It is also important that they are compatible with different versions of the most used operating systems, in order not to exclude access to any participant. We must also bear in mind that the speed of Internet connection may vary among users, therefore we should avoid files and programs that require a lot of installation or download time on the computer.

#2- Have an organized design and a system that allows a fluid use; establish a simple, harmonious and attractive management aimed at achieving the didactic aims. On many occasions, a clean and tidy aspect helps to make the navigation pleasant and that the students find themselves with less difficulties.Colleagues and teaching friends who visit us, we would like to thank Capitols Evacuees for designing and sharing with all of us this great and great educational material about tongue twisters, a high quality material to work with our students, tongue-twisters, our students will learn that they are tongue-twisters and you can read some, use them in class is a great and fun way to learn and develop the language, thank you very much for sharing our links on your social networks and tag your classmates and teaching friends in our publications.

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#3- Take care of the content and its structure, motivating the student to maintain interest. An excess of information, images and sounds can become distractions for learning. Similarly, you should prioritize content without saturating information that is not essential for a topic.

#4- The multimedia resources should stimulate the student in solving problems and the development of critical thinking, increasing the participation of the students and placing them at the forefront of their learning process. Remember that whenever a student becomes involved and makes the educational experience his / her own, it will be much more meaningful for him / her.

#5- Design materials that are appropriate to the target group , ensuring that the level of technological mastery does not exceed the skills of the participants and that, therefore, is a limitation that in the medium term make interest lose and decrease the confidence of the students.

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#6- Consider tools for the formative evaluation of students, generating strategies to appreciate their performance and the learning achieved at the end of the process. The use of multimedia materials allows the establishment of controlled evaluation parameters, so it is easy to keep track of the effectiveness of the same.

In this way, we can guarantee that the materials we use have a greater degree of effectiveness and that the technology represents an ally for the teacher who seeks to innovate in the classroom making the most of multimedia resources and obtaining greater educational achievements.

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