What are the best online foundation courses?

Online foundation courses are a good way to take courses at your own pace, while obtaining a degree recognized by the state, or to improve in a subject.  Whether technical, practical or theoretical, these can be useful and allow you to take courses in accordance with your schedule.

Often called correspondence courses, these courses offer many possibilities of training, diplomas, school support, and preparation for exams.

More and more organizations are opening up to give you the opportunity to take up quality training by adapting to your profile. This is a good solution for salaried students and those who complete their professional training.

One of the best online foundation courses allows you to organize yourself at your own pace: work (internship, employment, part-time job) and studies. In addition, repeat students, or those who do not have a training institution near their home, may prefer this option. Finally, online foundation courses can follow a pace that suits you, alternating practice and theory according to your desires.

Some students can accumulate a full-time internship and a distance education (without the inconveniences of the alternation nor the advantages of a paid formation), but in all the cases, one must know how to hold the pace rigorous and be independent: essential qualities for successful online foundation programme where you alone can succeed!

Online Foundation Courses

No longer reserved for short studies, online foundation courses are very diversified in all areas and 3 main training areas exist.

Obtaining a recognized degree

You can for example pass your Bachelor or Master …

To be “gradated”, the training periods are imposed, and a final or partial exam are organized according to the defined schedule …

Preparing for exams

To prepare for entrance exams in schools such as Sciences Po, Journalism or Business Schools but also to prepare for TOEFL in English. Prepare internal or external competitions such as contests of the paramedic, the first year of medicine, teaching, or the territorial function.

Upgrading / tutoring

Refresher courses exist in a wide variety of fields, such as general knowledge, languages, computer (pack office), management, medicine, etc.


Examinations are often organized at the end of the sessions as a dossier or a report. In addition, some courses offer a single exam (which includes the two semesters of training) at the end of the year.

Organization of courses

You will receive your courses in paper format by mail, which you must return after each module, semester or year. Similarly, more organizations offer “virtual” databases on the internet that include online courses, forums between professors and students, and video conferences that allow remote follow-up of oral exercises. Similarly, you can, especially for language courses, get videos or recordings that train you in the language of the country by webcam.

Depending on the training, assessment and correction can be done in examinations!

Online foundation courses are opening up more and more to university students, to allow a plurality of choices and offers in the various sectors of education, and mainly to follow several courses.

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