Advantages and disadvantages of studying and working

studying and working

Studying and working-When a career begins, one of the first decisions to make is whether we are going to work at the same time as studying. In this post we analyze advantages and disadvantages of studying and working.

It is very common to make the decision to work or not to do it when a career starts. What leads us to want to get a job is either economic need, or personal need. In the first case, we know that certain families can not do without the income that a member can generate, so the obligation to generate money is assigned to that person as soon as the average education ends. In the second case, some young people crave economic independence and a greater degree of freedom in general.

Those who choose to dedicate themselves fully to the study , choose this option with the aim of finishing the race as quickly as possible, and then, yes, insert in the labor market. Both options are totally valid. Everyone chooses what they think best. But let’s analyze how is the day to day of a student who also works, or also if we see it in reverse, a worker who also studies.

Disadvantages of studying and working

best  studying and working

Less time to study

Naturally we are going to be a number of fixed hours working every day and those are hours in which we will not be able to study. We must also keep in mind the times of travel to the workplace.

Less energy to study

Because working demands a lot of effort and some days can be much heavier than a day of study. Fatigue in people who work and study is very common

Slower pace in college

Of course we will not be able to do the amount of materials that an average student who does not work usually does.

Less free time

the studying and working

During the little free time we have, we will be so tired that many recreational activities will be pending for another time.

Decrease in level

For those who care about the average, this is a point against. Being in the best level requires a lot of time and dedication, and as we saw in the previous points, we will not have them anymore.

Concern about the study

As we work and study, what else can we ask? Many times we fall into situations in which we could make another effort, but our own conscience tells us that we already have too much day by day and we give up trying.

Advantages of studying and working

disadvantages of studying and working

Early insertion in the labor market

Whatever the profession you choose, the first years you always start from the bottom, what better to get those years off as soon as possible.

Earn money

As Les Luthiers would say in his famous phrase “Money does not make happiness, the purchase made” . Beyond the joke, money provides food, clothing and items of all kinds. If they maintain us, it is obvious that we will also have it, but we feel better spending the money when we know that it was us who won it. Remember that there are many expenses in the life of a university student and that someone should pay them.


A little linked to the above. Having a job gives us freedom to know that we are alone, earning our living. It also gives us confidence in ourselves.


The mere fact of being in a job and dealing with clients or arriving on time every day or sharing a work environment gives us an experience that serves us for life, and even for study.

External learning to our career

discover studying and working

This is only for students who manage to get a job related to the specialty they study. They will learn here many things that are not taught in universities.

Some may find more advantages or more disadvantages. It is true that it takes a lot of effort and organization to carry forward the two fronts, but anyway, studying and working is possible and success on both fronts always depends on our selves.

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