Study abroad tips that every student should know

study abroad tips

Studying abroad is a great challenge, but completing the school year abroad requires a preparation that goes beyond the baggage and the decision on which destination to go. In this post, we tell you what study abroad tips you should follow for this unique and unforgettable experience. It will help you grow personally and academically.

Study abroad tips

To go abroad for your higher education, you must know the study abroad tips.



Your mental and psychological preparation is very important. Choosing a long-term course in another country means becoming independent and facing new challenges. Your ability to solve all kinds of situations will increase your confidence in yourself. This point is a key, to be away from your environment discover new skills and hobbies in your day to day, new strengths and ways to exploit your creativity.

Open your mind and your possibilities of adapting to a new environment with new people around you. It is proven that there is no better way to learn a new language than to spend 24 hours a day and 7 days a week making new friends. That will make you more creative and independent by having a cultural exchange and customs with other nationalities. The most important thing about living a unique experience, like this one, and learning a new language is.

Plan and discuss all destinations that fit your profile and needs. Within the endless options, choose where you will feel most comfortable during your stay.

The pre-adventure

Before embarking on the trip of your dreams, be sure to plan and evaluate all extracurricular activities you can do during your school year. Visits to tourist sites and general interest to explore the city where you are going to study. Also, it is advisable to investigate the culture and cuisine of the destination country, study the weather to bring only what is necessary for the suitcase, and prepare your trip with time.

If you are going to study an academic year abroad, you will have to dedicate time to the preparation of your adventure. Talk about it with your surroundings to involve them in the decision-making process. So everything will be much simpler. Plan your expectations and mark your goals well … and travel!

The most suitable program and destination

You must remember that this long-term language program is equivalent to the ESO or the baccalaureate. But in another country, its duration is 1 school year, in which you can not take vacations or return to your country during that time.

program and destination

To study English over 40% choose as your preferred destination, USA, England or Canada, but if you love adventure, we suggest you evaluate Malta or South Africa as possible options.

The academic year in the USA:  Learning English in a school in the United States is probably the most requested and desired program by all, almost indispensable to increase your margin of work opportunities. It is necessary to highlight the wide educational offer that this country offers to foreign students.

One of the most demanded options is to take an academic year in a private school, choosing the one you like the most from all the private schools to study in the USA. One of the advantages is the academic quality of its educational programs and teaching staff. It offers this type of program in a private educational center in the USA. You also have the option of studying your school year in a public school in the United States with a J1 visa.

The academic year in the UK: If you like English in its entirety and the British tune. It is undoubtedly your destination. An enriching experience with a particularly charming culture. Public schools in England are known as state schools and follow a national curriculum specialized in different areas of interest. However, the program in private schools points to the excellence of the student and the highest level of learning is the most valued at the international level, as they prepare their students for professional challenges.

The academic year in Canada: Canada has progressively become one of the preferred destinations because of its flexibility when choosing a school to study an academic year. This country is huge and offers a wide variety of provinces where students can have a schedule that suits their needs. The program to study the year in Canada includes the language level test and a personal interview with the parents and the student by the program management agency. Also, in addition to all inclusions detailed in the program description, the student is offered medical insurance and accommodation in a Canadian family.

What accommodations can I choose?


Lodging with a native family: The preferred type of accommodation, in a family home, guarantees your comfort in a new home. In it, you will share part of your time with a native family, chatting with them, and sharing all the activities of their daily routine. This host family will make you feel at home.

Accommodation in a youth residence: Another type of accommodation is the residence, where the student immerses themselves and practice the language at its best, making friends of all kinds of nationalities and exchanging cultures. You will share with people who will have the same ambition and goals. Also, you can explore the extracurricular activities and enjoy the privileged location and establish continuous contact with your classmates and teachers.

The day arrives

At the time of making the suitcase a long time in advance. A trick is to have everything you need in sight, so you forget to leave nothing. It is important not to forget the documentation and bring only the necessary clothes.

When you arrive at the airport, start your trip, do everything with time but calmly, when you arrive at your destination, clarify that you are going through CIDI.  Jet lag is normal to happen, but do not worry. At 24 hours you will be ready to know everything about your new city.

Your staying place

Everything is new, different, and everything will depend on your way of seeing things; You do not know anyone and your whole environment is different, but little by little you will learn to develop and learn new rules. Remember, everything in due time, relax and enjoy everything, do not waste a moment of everything you can live and learn during your school year abroad.

Learning and return

Of so many things learned and lived during the academic year, you will feel that it was a short time or that it has happened very fast. The countdown is perhaps the most common wave of emotions in experiences like this. You will feel between sadness to leave your new country and happiness to meet again with yours. But you can not forget the most important thing, everything is learned, and every stage in our lives has its respective importance.

During your stay you have learned a new language, you have enjoyed new customs, cultures, gastronomy. You have known and lived with many people who from now on will be part of your life forever, and that “goodbye” at the airport will not There will be more meaning than a “see you soon”.

From now on, you start another stage, one to which you can add the wonderful experience, knowing that everything lived, learned, and discovered. Everything has the reward that you have learned the most of a new language, and you can make sure that your future and your dreams come true through this experience. You return home with an official certificate and proud of yourself!

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