How to manage time for studies?

How to manage time for studies

The organization of time and tasks is key to a better study. It is essential to prepare a calendar, set goals and objectives, or create a plan to strengthen what has been worked on in the classroom and reinforce knowledge daily. We have prepared a video to transmit to your students the five essential steps of a good study organization. So, they learn to plan, make the most of study time and arrive at exams without stress or pressure.

5 keys on how to manage time for studies

How to manage time for studies

Write down the key dates on the agenda

It is essential that you have a personal calendar or a calendar, either on paper or in digital formats, such as Google Calendar or MyHomework. Write to them:

– The vacations

– Schedules and days when you have extracurricular activities

– The planned examinations and the dates of the evaluations

– The years of deliveries of tasks, works or class projects

In this way, you will control the days and critical appointments, and you can organize yourself to do your homework, finish your work or study in time for the exam.

Set some daily goals

Plan your time day by day. To do this, establish the activities or tasks that you want to finish that day, and mark or write down what contents and topics of each subject you have to review or study. Always keep in mind the dates you have indicated in the calendar, both exams and delivery of tasks or jobs, and so you can correctly distribute the time you have to achieve your goal. It gives priority to urgent topics but also dedicates a weekly study time to review the contents of each subject.

Establish a schedule

It is recommended that you study every day at the same time, to establish a routine and to get used to meeting daily goals. In that time, you dedicate to study, first perform the activities or works of delivery closer and then spend about 45 minutes to study or review the topics you have discussed in class. Between one complex business and the next, it is recommended that you establish a five-minute break. You should also rest about ten minutes between homework and study.

Distribute the study time for each subject

To organize more effectively, you must set more time for more complex issues, those that cost you more or require more understanding of work. You can start with the most complicated tasks or contents, since you will be less tired, and leave the simplest for the end. Another useful technique is to create more complex or demanding tasks with others that are more entertaining and motivating.

Be constant

The best way to improve the planning and organization of the study is to persevere. So, even if at first you find it difficult, study every day, try to meet the goals you have set and respect the schedules, and you will see how the work bears fruit. But if one day you can not attend the hours or you do not get to check all the marked contents, do not worry or be discouraged; readjust the planning and challenge it with new strength the next day.

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