How to manage time in exams

How to manage time in exams

To be able to get good results in exams is important to time planning. It is true that many people tempt fate and leave the study of the subject for a week before exams. The theory that luck helps is to leave too much margin to the same one and to depend on the chance to be able to approve and of our good start. It is not going to help us to be able to approve.

How to manage time in exams?

It is important to follow a series of very simple tips. It will help you manage your study time and you will get the most out of the study. Read the effective study tips for visual learners.

How to manage time in exams

# Tips 1

You must organize the subjects to study, in simple, medium, and difficult. Because those who have less difficulty will find it easier to face it and not take up so much time.

# Tips 2

It is important to know the dates of the exams as early as possible to know how much time you have to organize the lessons.

# Tips 3

Knowing these two previous data, we will have 1st the number of subjects, 2nd the difficulty and 3rd the time of preparation of the same.

# Tips 4

We will take the calendar or we can make a personalized one where the dates, days of the week and vacations are inscribed. In this calendar, we will leave space for each day to write down the hours that we will dedicate to each subject if we have a subject A for 20 days. We will take each day the topics to study and we will leave the last 4 to review all the subject.

How to manage time in exams

# Tips 5

I used a method that was to write down each subject in a color. So, depending on the color used, I knew which subject touched me every day with just a visual stroke.

# Tips 6

In this calendar, agenda or planning we will write notes because there will be days that we will not be able to study. It is also important to indicate the number of hours studied and the subject that is being studied.

# Tips 7

This simple program will help you not only to plan but to be calm because you will be managing your time. You will not be overwhelmed by how much you have left and what subjects you have to review or study more.

# Tips 8

The study planning can be done by yourself although you can also use excel templates. There are models on the internet that you can download and print if you wish.

How to manage time in exams

I do not want to be overwhelmed by the fact that you have to be in the Christmas vacation period subject to planning but it is positive to know how you carry the subjects. You have everything up to date or not, since you can even manage your time and go out. Dine out an escape to the snow to do sport or any other kind of leisure so necessary for our mental health.

You can see that it is nothing new or a discovery that I am advising you. It is true that many times we do not arrive on time, not because of lack of motivation or desire to study, but because of a lack of planning and management.

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