Who discovered copper

Copper has been used to craft numerous items for centuries and so it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who discovered it. We use copper in so many different ways today, such as the 6mm Copper Pipe that you can find from https://watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems and in the past, it was also used for making weapons and armour when joined with other elements.

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One of the reasons that copper has been used for so long is the fact that it can be found relatively easily in the earth in the form of mineral ores. It is thought that it was over 5000 years ago that the Mesopotamians first discovered how they could extract ore and turn it into a number of items. As they didn’t have the knowledge, skills and technology that we have now to understand the properties of metals, they most often used copper in the same way as silver and gold – to create decorative items.

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Copper was used most during the aptly named, copper era before it was replaced with bronze around 3500 BCE. The transition across to bronze came when it was discovered that jointing copper with tin would create an even stronger metal – bronze. Bronze had stronger properties that allowed for it to be used for armoury and weapons. Bronze can be forged and hardened, until the purer element of copper.

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