Seo experts, a specialization in high demand in the labor market

Seo experts

As it continues growing Internet use in all types of companies and businesses, demand for professionals with skills and knowledge in SEO (optimization search engine rankings) has grown enormously. According to a study it has increased 112% year on year demand profiles on LinkedIn including SEO Skills list. Moreover, the job portal has been increasing the number of vacancies related to SEO in a 1.900%.

Seo experts
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The most popular posts in SEO

Job portals in the most sought charges are:

  • SEO Marketing Manager (Manager Marketing and Positioning in search engines): 30%
  • SEO Specialist (Specialist SEO): 20%
  • SEO Analyst (Analyst SEO): 19%
  • Online Marketing Director (Online Marketing): 13%
  • Account Manager (Account Manager): 9%
  • SEO Coordinator (Coordinator SEO): 8%

Average salary (SEO)

The most interesting part of the study is the wage. Although data are for US employees, they are interesting for Spanish-speaking countries indicator.

  1. Online Marketing Director (Online Marketing): $ 95,000 per year (USD 7,900 month)
  2. SEO Marketing Manager (Manager Marketing and SEO): $ 64,000 per year (USD 5,300 month)
  3. SEO Analyst (Analyst SEO): $ 59,000 per year (USD 4,900 month)
  4. Account Manager (Account Manager): $ 52,000 per year (USD 4,300 month)
  5. SEO Specialist (Specialist SEO): $ 45,000 per year (USD 3,700 month)
  6. SEO Coordinator (Coordinator SEO): $ 44,000 per year (USD 3,600 month)

How to learn SEO?

Few formal studies on optimization techniques to improve positioning in search engines, virtually no formal university where you can study the latest trends in this, the best way to learn is in virtual courses portals such as Online Marketing Institute or Wedubox where marketing experts offer their experience and kept up to date techniques. Visit sites such as SaaS SEO agency for quality and specialist service.

What is SEO?

The search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine affecting natural or organic searches. Overall websites with higher rankings appear in the top of the search engines. There are different types of SEO positioning, for example, can be positioned by using images, local search, video search, academic search, and news portals.

General search engines like Google have complex algorithms that attempt to determine how relevant is a page for a user who is looking for a particular topic, in addition to PageRank (level 0 to 10 indicating how important is the page for the world according to google) Google analyzes other aspects like behavior in social networks, how often is a given linked page for other portals, etc.

A SEO expert is responsible for defining and / or implementing the strategy of positioning a web page depending on business objectives, inter alia, the target audience you want to reach is analyzed, competition, the keywords most used in searches, etc.

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