Are you about to explode from nerves? 11 ways to relax at times of extreme stress

eliminate stress

Have you ever felt released, tired, angry … ever? Surely yes!

Such feelings are not pleasant and make our body feel bad and take wrong decisions. This can happen both children and adults.

A child may be equally or more furious released or an adult, because remember that feeling not old.

That ‘s all this then we will give you top 11 tips to get rid of these bad feeling and so can enjoy life.

eliminate stress
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1) Run, jump … play
When you feel angry or scared or worried’re your body can produce a hormone called Cortisol, this causes the nervous, scared elegiac and can even cause panic, all those feelings build up inside our bodies.
If you feel bad for a long time these feelings can cause headaches, stomach pains or trouble sleeping. The good news? Play help! Running, playing sports, walking … All this helps to lower stress and discomfort disappear.

2) Positive Thoughts
Only think of something pleasant can help you cope with stress. When you’re calm your heart thread lags and reacts better to an unpleasant or annoying situation. This can be done even when you feel good, think of something you like, that relaxes you.
Create your own movie of happiness!

3) Master Music
Music can also help you relax and get away from the stress. Try playing the drum, hitting something hard can you release stress quickly. If you do not have drum? Made yourself! Take a pot or a paper looking spoons and prepare to be the best musician.

4) Expires and inspires several times
Have you ever seen someone sitting as the Indians and saying “omm”? Well, that’s what is called meditation and it helps a lot to relax and find oneself. But in a situation of stress you do not need to feel and follow the same steps that must be followed to meditate, just sit back and take a breath. Take a deep breath and expelled several times a tip to feel better it is a happy word when these exhaling.

5) Prepare to laugh
Scientists have shown that laughter can reduce stress or even help avoid getting sick. So look for a reason to laugh and laugh! But do not feel like, laugh, come on, it’ll be fun.

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6) Talk, talk, talk
Tell a friend, family member, even talk with your pet. Talk about your worries can make are seem smaller. Count it, free yourself of the burden, maybe someone has gone through the same thing or something similar and can help you.

7) Sing, dance … grins
When you feel sad, stressed or bored even put to dance. Play your favorite song and prepare to be the best dancer and singer in history. Laughs, jumps, screams … have fun. All this can be done alone or with company.

8) Smells nice things
Scents such as lavender, rosemary and sandalwood not only smell good, but they can also decrease stress hormones. So you know, make a trip to the countryside or a herbalist and get ready to smell.

9) Stop game
Video games are fun but do not help you relax, that’s why you should not spend more than two hours a day in front of a video game. Find something you like to do, paint, read, play with Legos or make photographs. Such activities help your mind to relax, which helps your body feel better too.

10) Get outside
Scientists has shown that being outside is good for your emotions, so go outside. Walk alone or accompanied, observes nature, collect leaves, jumping stones in a pond or just lay to rest watching the clouds.

11) Ponte thinking
Think of all the things that went you well. When you feel stressed out it is to take time to be alone. Find a time in the day and sit down to think, no music, no TV, nothing. Just you and your thoughts. Think only of the good things you’ve done in the day.

I hope you took note and put it into practice.

Remember! The most important thing in life is to live it, so … have fun, smile, jump, sing … Bring out the child in you.

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