Disconnecting the study: 6 tips to enjoy the holidays

Disconnecting the study

While we’re on tests always we dream of what we do when we finish where we go, who know … but when the moment of truth comes, when we finished the tests, often do not know what to do, bored and only see the hours pass …

Disconnecting the study
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Here we give the 6 best ways to enjoy your holiday, leaving behind the stress of exams and boredom…

1) First of all, collected, this does not sound funny, but it is the first step to start enjoying. Collects, archives and saves all notes, books, folders … you used to study. Clear your room so you completely forget the study.

2) Appurtenant dance classes or dance at home. No matter who dances good, bad or regular, what is important is that you enjoy and that disconnect ultimately you laugh.

3) Walk alone or accompanied, but walking. Go for green areas where you breathe easier, and better able to disconnect from your study time. Feel free.

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4) Kitchen. Get into the kitchen, looking for recipes that you like and get to work …. Nothing happens if you do not know how to cook, the goal is to have a good time.

5) Relax, do not do anything. Lie down in the garden or in your bed, swollen belly and gradually let your imagination soar.

6) Take a trip with friends or family, spend pleasant moments Tell them your stuff and let them tell you. Discover new places.

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