Learn a new language: 6 tricks that will facilitate learning

Learn a new language

Make learning a lifestyle

Choose words that are easy to use in your day to day and you can get into your daily conversations.

Ponte small goals

We know you like to sit and nothing else get up, have full use of the target language. But it will not, you should simplify the goal.

Every day you go putting yourself small goals and to overcome them feel your effort is rewarded. In this way, you will have enough motivation to get going every day, a little more. For example, choose 30 words of a language study them and use them in your conversations.

Learn a new language
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Use the language at home

Listening to songs, watching TV and reading books, for example, the language you’re learning, your mind will be constantly exercised and more prepared to use the language. Any chance you get to practice is a good idea, but you have to invent an imaginary friend foreigner who tells you what happened today.

Let technology help you

With a small modification, as it is to change the language of your phone, you can help you learn new words immediately.

Change the language of your computer; it is only for the brave.

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Make new friends

Interacting with the language is the key. Find native speakers in your area or find foreign friends by mail that tell how you made the day and practice your 30 new words.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

One of the most common barriers to practice a new language is the fear of making mistakes. But do not worry, yours any attempt to communicate in another language is proof that you’re trying and you strive to learn each day a little more.

Be patient. The more you talk, the closer you are to get a native-like fluency.

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