How affectionate children in reading

At what age should children affectionate reading

From the year or year and a half it is perfectly possible to bring the child to reading. At this age a boy or a girl, they can enjoy a proper story with a specifically designed for their level of understanding and maturity magazine.

Initiation into reading requires a certain amount of calm and dedication. With a small child, nor you can lengthen the time spent too enjoy a story, because their attention span is still very limited.

Affectionate incentives for children to read

Must choose a right time, tranquility, when the child is relaxed, not engaged in another activity or interested in something else, and adults do not rush. We must find a suitable peaceful environment, a comfortable space and without too much interference (noise, movement). A corner where the child can sit by adult or on their knees or lean on a low table, for example, to take the position that is most comfortable to focus.

An attitude that favors the encounter with the adult child around a story is also needed: the adult should devote these few minutes, body and soul, to enjoy the book or the magazine elected. If he enjoys, the child will perceive it and it will be easier to focus on the activity. We must accept the reader’s reaction: sometimes it is more spread out , it will leave and come back, or not … But we must continue a few minutes reading or narrating memory the story , because sometimes the child apparently otherwise occupied, still listening .

And not to force things too much: there are times when the mind of the child will not allow propose an activity that requires certain stillness.

A great time is bedtime, when the child is comfortably in his bed. A short story, told in a low voice, with some ease, will help you unwind from the day’s activity, you will relax and help you fall sleep (which is not always easy for yourself).

Affectionate children to read before they learn to read

A child between 1 and 3 years has a still very limited attention span, so the moments of approach to a book or a magazine will necessarily be brief.

Among the massive publishing offer, you have to choose carefully. Knowing the character of the child, his personality , his fledgling tastes (but sometimes very marked) and taking into account their age, the adult must carefully choose the support of reading: a book that child can handle, a magazine with different adapted to their age and large, attractive, recognizable drawings, which will provide pleasure content and information.

At this age when the child cannot read yet, image, illustration, is a source of entertainment and knowledge (in fact the child makes a reading of images that finds many objects and many shades). Therefore, we look also books and magazines with good illustrations. The magazine has an added advantage: in one instance, offers children a wide range of illustration styles. Some will like more than others and thus gradually and almost without realizing it, he is also shaping their own tastes.

And to achieve enrapture a child with reading, you have to choose a good time of day when the child is ready; a quiet space, without much noise or activity, and must repeat the scene sit or lie down to read with the child until it becomes a habit, for example, the kiss goodnight. Visit for more tips.

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