Best gadgets for kids this summer

Best gadgets

In summer, children have more freedom to enter and leave home, go to camps, enjoying the beach … so they can perform all activities, more comfortable, safer and more entertaining; we leave a collection of gadgets designed for them.

Before the children went to the beach with pinheads swimsuits for mothers not to lose sight. Parchís and played cards under the umbrella of the ball or on the shore. Nation championships were poured into the pool, and while one other was long counted them. In addition, when they went camping, one of the biggest fears of parents it had to do with hygiene and maintenance doubtful. On the other hand, we not used to have cameras at home to capture special moments, because they were still very expensive. Yes, the summers were unforgettable. Times have changed, and now parents and children can in addition to the many advantages offered by those desired vacation days technology enjoy.

Best gadgets
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We present a series of gadgets specially designed for the smallest of the house…

1. Cuentalargos clock

Counting long we did in the pool was history. Now, a small and comfortable gadget has for us. This is the new water clocks that are responsible for registering the distance we travel; we give strokes and even improve our swimming technique.

2. Backpack charge mobile

Today, leave home with only 20% battery will involve not stop seeking an outlet to charge your mobile phone or, in extreme circumstances, wiping away the data to not stay “solitary confinement”. But that ended with the smart backpack, in addition to carrying our luggage, also it serves to charge mobile, tablet, mp3 player, and even the camera. All this thanks to solar panels that provide autonomy to the peculiar backpack, freeing it from dependence on external energy sources.

3. Kolibree Toothbrush

One of the biggest concerns of parents is whether their children are properly wash your teeth or not, especially when they are away from home. For this we have created the first smart brush developed by Kolibree. With this brush it is possible to improve brushing children through games. The brush is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, and children can practice through games designed to guide them through a journey that helps develop better brushing habits. They will be fully engaged in this task a total of two minutes. With interchangeable heads with color code, and up to five users per brush, siblings and parents can and enjoy this option for families on their smartphones or tablets.

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4. Neki bracelet

Leaving children on the beach, in the park or a mall without having to be constantly aware of them, because they carry on one arm intelligent very cool bracelet with increasing safety. This feeling of tranquility is what gives the bracelet Neki, which is already on sale. A free application works with parents or caregivers of the child can be downloaded to your smarpthone. The bracelet is programmed or synchronized introducing the maximum distance to launch an alert when the child exceeds the meters indicated. It also includes other features for the little ones, and a system of awarding stars will be getting the child based on their behavior.

5. Snapshots paper

We spent the day taking pictures, but rarely do we bring to the role. Polaroid has launched a camera with a traditional design that lets us print photos on the spot. It also has an added value: the camera is connected to social networks for children and parents to share best summer photos.

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