How to study well and quickly


How to study well and quickly? The study needs to be addressed with the right professionalism. Believe they can study only a few hours before an exam or, in contrast, take months to prepare, be lured constantly panic, are not the right ways to achieve the ultimate goal. To study well and quickly as possible, but to do that you need to implement a particular method of study aimed at achieving the goal along with an unfailing self-confidence and a willingness to engage and have perseverance. As with everything in fact, the will and the desire to do are essential.

You can study quickly in a short time?

You have a few weeks to prepare for an examination and fear of not succeeding? In fact, even if in a short time, it may be equally possible to successfully overcome your examination. At the base of your learning method, you will have to apply some rules that allow you to quickly investigate and learn quickly. The motivation is important when you have to face a new trial. The secret of an effective study, however, resides in the organization itself, or in planning. Organize the time available will allow you to study well and quickly, but also to live with less anxiety the period before each test.

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Study well: The right balance between time and quality of the study

Optimize the hours available to dedicate to study and increase the quality of it is a balance that is achieved over time through practice, to perseverance and a strong will. Studying for months does not automatically obtain satisfactory final results. You can spend less time studying without giving up to the goals and to do this you first need to give due importance to the concentration. You will need to eliminate all forms of potential disturbance, move away in the time devoted to study everything that could be a distraction (phone, TV, computer) and choose the most suitable place such as a library.

After adopting a more suitable study method for your needs, you will be able to balance perfectly time and quality. In general, a good study cycle will feature approximately 40 minutes of maximum concentration, followed by a 10 minute break and after 10 minutes to devote to revision. Further advice for those who want to study well and quickly without giving up the pleasures of life, consists in taking the time to rest and to adequate food.

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3 surefire strategies to study well and quickly

Study well and quickly will be possible thanks to some surefire strategies. Before approaching the study, free your mind of all thoughts by concentrating all the time that you will dedicate to learning. Draw up your daily schedule in order to organize and optimize the hours available. After you plan your activities – with their learning sessions -, approach to study real with a pre-reading, which is the first approach to textbooks. The technique of speed reading will be indispensable in the initial phase, it will enable you to focus on the most important points to be explored at a later time.

The second strategy is based on the elaboration of the content learned in the previous stage. The creation of mind maps make it easier and faster your learning, as you will recall to mind notions, content and information related to the subject matter of study. The third and final strategy to study well and fast is the repetition, which will take place in solitary (but strictly out loud) or in groups. In the latter case, any doubts will surface and you can dissolve them definitively. The further repetition will fix the concepts already stored in the earlier stages.

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