Anticipating the start of your job!


The initial part of a task or a university project is often the most difficult, there is a system with which be able to get around this problem

Method of study: What to do?

The initial part of a task or a university project is often the hardest. I am concerned about the very idea of having to begin with, especially when we have more jobs at the same time to organize. So we procrastinate and work is always accumulates more with the passage of time. The perfect study method does not exist or maybe yes…

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Study method: Forward the beginning

But there is a system with which be able to work around this problem: anticipating the start of your task! It is a useful solution for working even when you cannot concentrate a lot. It only takes small actions that do not require great efforts. The important thing is that you start to work to gain time and to bring forward in a particular task.

Study method: Operating

For example instead of starting your work from morning, GIVE US the last part of the previous night. Browse your standotene books sitting comfortably on the couch, to get a general idea about the topics to be studied. Or collect the notes you wrote to class, ordinarily and prepare them on your desk. If you feel like it and if you are not too tired, no one forbids you to start making the first or the first underscores summarized.

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As you may have noticed it’s gestures so you do not need a great mental effort, but you’d still have to do to get up to speed and for which you would have spent valuable time in the next day.

Study method: Develop a project

You have to develop a project in the afternoon but you have some spare minutes during the morning? No problem! Do something useful to take forward. Search and download from the web some articles to read for inspiration, or write a first draft of the outline to follow. That way you never have the feeling of having to start from zero. When you set out to work you will seem to be already in progress. You will feel full of energy and you will have more incentives to commit to the fullest! For more visit

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