7 reasons why I left the job I loved for college

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There are those who spends his life to do what he wants and who spends his life to understand what he wants to do.

There are those who spends his life to do what he wants and who spends his life to understand what he wants to do. I wanted to be a TV presenter since I was as tall as the table, and I spent all my energies to accomplish what everyone told me “it is impossible”. Still I wonder whether it was a hallucination but inside I know I have realized a dream. The problem is that it’s like a drug, it is not you conquer and then you are set. Conquer and then we’re addicted.

But you still have the outstanding universities.

Someone would not see the time to abandon it, someone else knows full well that “you do not need to graduate” (or “degree is not enough”) but cannot help it. So drop everything and go back. Because?

Education Tips
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# 1 – Takes the “idiot” by all

It ‘s another fun side of the crazy choices. It ‘a shame that a lot of insurmountable life coach to pass their years to drink 12 glasses of wine a day in the taverns. When they all think you’re an idiot, you’re probably doing the right thing (is still hallowed wine) – And, even if they do not, you did what you felt right. I’d rather err on other people’s advice!

# 2 – To spend the last months of my life as a college

When you spend your college life alternating with work and chores, you end up sacrificing holidays and Festine never by enjoying the opportunity to the hilt. When you end up in an office, closed between four walls, you bring home a salary but do not have more time to enjoy the life that’s out there. Then choose: chase the most of the working career, that will guide the next 50 years of insecurity and leave the unfinished path, or return to take his degree and take advantage of the last opportunity available in your life to do what is right at your age.

# 3 – Addressing the last tests with old friends

When you begin to work, the university is further and further away. Take back the books and start studying a little like ‘to climbing Everest. You have two choices: postpone to a day when you hope to recover and it alone – impossible – or go back and share with friends the last stages of the climb. By now you’re off course and the new generations do not even know the year of birth. And graduate together, after all this, is a crazy cool.

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# 4 – Save the university fees

Work to support himself and pay taxes in view of a hypothetical return (which becomes an affordable budget hardly affordable) or close the burden, save a few thousand Euros to enjoy or reinvest in professional equipment? In times of crisis, ordinary people are held work, the fools do not accept a sick system based on free labor and slavery professionalized.

# 5 – Recharge your batteries

Work in some contexts become tiring and stressful. If in front of you there is a new challenge you have to be borne by buckshot and not missing a shot. The secret is to give 120%. If you are in the right place at the wrong time … better not be.

“You do not have a second chance to make a good first impression.”

# 6 – Now or never: get rid of a burden

I knew that my degree would never served anything for my career goals. I chose it for personal culture, I continued with the degree only for personal use. The university is not what it teaches you, the university is the mindset that leads to the house. A personal journey that suddenly makes obstacle of your ambitions. And then it is time to put it in your pocket!

# 7 – Take a running start

There are those who grieves and complains because the surrounding world does not offer what you would want. Sometimes I think I see people who hope to jump on the highway with Peg-Perego. If you want to get to the exit, but you’re about to run out of petrol, the better a pit stop and a snack to share more load than before.

Seneca claimed that “There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go.” Choose your port and go with the wind in their sails.

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