8 Tips To Suit The University


1. Begins to study

It is the most difficult moment, that of the transition from idleness to study. But like all things in life it is a question of … habit. With each passing day, you will be more and more used to the study’s efforts.

2. Keep your mobile phone away

The mobile phone is, at least for me, the biggest source of distraction. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram … any excuse is good to waste precious time. And you know, you start by looking at the notifications … then you go on the social at least half an hour. Our advice? Use mode in aircraft and mobile phone far from sight. Put it in another room.

3. Make a study program

Who can do a feasible study program is already a hundred steps ahead of the others. But be careful, the program must be serious and feasible … do not propose to give 5 bricks for the next session because it is impossible. In general, we believe that maximum three subjects per session, one difficult and two other lighter, both the right weight of study.

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4. First the heavy stuff

If you are planning to take difficult exams … well, our advice is to try them on the first call. Because? Simple, because if it goes wrong you can try again immediately without waiting for the months that separate you from the next session. And save time.

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5. Study alone

I never believed, to be honest, to study groups. On the contrary, I found them more distracting than actually helping. Studying alone is a symptom of concentration. And it is better to study 1 hour concentrates than 3 hours distracted

6. Compare yourself with others!

Studying alone OK, but keeping informed with others is essential. Compare your preparation with your colleagues to see if you are really ready to take the exam. Or ask for advice on things you did not understand. These are precious things during the university career.

7. Accumulate information on the commission

It is essential. First of all it is good to collect at least 50-70 frequently asked questions of the exam and try to be able to answer all of them. Then ask also the way to do the commission: for example, it is useful to know if they are based more on the book or the topics covered in class. Now doing this with Facebook groups is really easy as well as being extremely useful.

8. End the program at least 10 days before

Finishing the program the day before the exam may not be a good idea. The review is as fundamental as (perhaps more) than the first time. Take some time to review. If you do, your success is assured.

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