The 10 types of university students we have all met in life

university students

Every day in our universities we always come across colleagues of all types and all parents. Some make us sympathetic, some do not, but this is not what we would like to discuss today. All have a very precise characteristic that distinguishes them from others. Each of ours colleagues can be placed within a specific category. Today we therefore propose 10 types of university students that each of us has inevitably encountered in the path of their careers …

1 – The nerd: One of the most popular and widespread categories, having dealt with it since the days of schools. The nerd is the one who almost always studies, the one who, in order to achieve a good evaluation, is willing to sever any kind of social and / or family relationship or even to leave home for 6-7 consecutive weeks. The nerd is also the one who 3 months after the exam will say “no excuse tonight I cannot go out, I have exams soon”. Every vote will be unsatisfactory for them, if they takes 30 they will complain because they does not have the praise, if they has the praise they will ask why they did not give them an honorary degree.

2 – The perfectionist: It is a sort of evolution of the nerd. You will not sit the exam until you know the last 4 words of the 3rd line of the last note on page 342. Clearly never took less than 30. Of course.

3 – The modest: It is they who constantly affirms that every examination will go wrong. But they knows very well in their heart that they will pass it and that they will take a good mark. They simply does not want to be pretentious. The classic phrase of the modest is what they will say when you ask them where they are with the matter. They will answer: “This time I’m in the middle of a road, I do not really know how I should do”. It will never take less than 26.

university students
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4 – The superstitious: They too as the modest always claims to be in the middle of a road or to be unprepared. But they does it for a different reason. It does so for the superstition. For them everything is sacred: what to wear on the day of the exam, the number of steps to move to get to the classroom, where to park the car …. they are all fundamental factors to make the exams go well. However, he also stands out for a good university performance.

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5 – The insecure: They are the one who punctually to each exam says: “This time I do not think I will introduce myself”. Speaking with them for every subject is unprepared, it will still take a long time to improve their preparation and, perhaps but perhaps, they will present themselves only if the professor will grant an extension. Needless to say that even if the extension will not be there, the insecure will support the exam and obviously will pass it.

6 – Restlessness: Concentration to study is certainly not its forte. The restless student is the one who after 4 minutes in the study room, which has barely allowed them to understand the first 2 lines of what they was reading, looks at their colleague in the face and says: “What do we do, let’s pause?” Or invites them to have coffee. Very often their university results could be better.

7 – The curious: It is they who every time a colleague takes exams they asks 3000 questions. How much did you take, what questions did they do, who questioned you, how long did the exam lasted etc etc etc One of the students that turns out to be more troublesome, especially if the examination of the “questioned” did not go the right way .

8 – The envious: It is a category at least as widespread as that of the nerd (but probably even more). The envious is the one who does not accept and will never accept that anyone can go better than them. If it happens it will be a matter of ass, in the best cases. Otherwise it will be clearly recommended. Envy beast ugly.

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9 – The menacing: It is that kind of student who always threatens to do something sensational if they does not pass the exam. Will affirm to want to tell them four to the commission, withdraw from the University, do not go out more from home for depression or, in severe cases, even to make the last gesture (“if I do not pass I kill myself”). And you know what they will do if they does not pass the exam? Simple, it will re-establish the matter like all the others.

10 – The loser: It is a category in which all university students could return, at least once (except perhaps for the nerd and certainly for the perfectionist). You studied that matter every day for 3 months, you know all the notes but you had forgotten that paragraph of half a page, seemingly useless … .. yes, you will have asked just that. Everyone before graduating (except the categories mentioned above) fall at least once in this category.

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