How to prepare for the exam in 3 days: The most effective methods

prepare for the exam

In the life of each student, sooner or later it comes – session. At this time, almost all students are visited by thoughts about the future, about the meaning of existence, about the defense of the motherland and about many other things, which ultimately lead to a single conclusion: exams must be passed.

Of course, if there is a possibility of “using with impunity” a crib or a micro-earpiece, then the problem disappears by itself. However, some teachers are very jealous of their subject and at the forefront of all the chances of cheating. In this case, there is nothing left to teach.

Usually, the preparation for the exam is given 3 days. As practice shows, this time is quite enough if the student has at least some idea about the subject.

prepare for the exam
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There are several ways to help you successfully prepare for the exam in 3 days …

Method one: Break the material into 3 days

This method is ideal for students with a good memory, which is enough to learn the material once to keep it in mind for a long time. The system is simple: the entire material of the exam is divided into 3 equivalent parts, each of which is given one day. As a result, to the exam, almost all the material will be studied. You can break up both on questions (simply dividing the list into three parts), and on topics (combining related topics with each other).

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Method two: The system 3-4-5

The methodology is optimal for students who do not have good memory, but have good performance. The essence of the method is that the entire volume of material is worked out every day. And every time – at a new level, constantly deepening.

For example, on the first day, work out the entire abstract of lectures or the “manual” (if any). This will get / refresh knowledge of the basics of the subject. Conditionally, we can assume that this already makes it possible to pass the exam by 3 points.

On the second day, you have to “drive out” everything again, but by the textbook. This will help not only to repeat the day passed earlier, but also to deepen knowledge of the subject. Qualitatively having done this work, the student can confidently count at least on the “four”.

The third day is designed to “polish” knowledge, fill in the gaps and, if the forces are still there, to memorize interesting nuances for the teachers’ favorite questions. As a result of this preparation, the student has all the chances to pass the exam perfectly.

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Method three: Two days to study, the third to repeat

This method is suitable for students who do not possess either phenomenal memory or tremendous working capacity. By the way, this is the most favorite method of preparing for the examination of your humble servant.

The system is simple and understandable: the material is divided into two approximately equal parts and is absorbed in the first 2 days. The third day is intended for the repetition of all that has been passed. The methodology does not force you to work “before the blue devils,” and on the day of repetition you can always remember something or teach.

As you can see, 3 days is enough time to prepare for the exam, even if this is your first session. The main thing is to properly organize your work, do not be lazy, do not worry and do not panic.

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