How to choose a top university career for you

top university

Do you have doubts when choosing a top university degree and do not know where to start? Many students find themselves facing an authentic labyrinth in the face of the wide range of current education. We offer you a small guide so you can opt for one or another option.

A 32% of men and women, between the ages of 24 and 65 years old, has higher education, of which only 22% have top university studies. A deal that is very similar to that of France (30%) and higher to Germany with 28%. Above this ranking is the United States with 42% and the United Kingdom with 40%.

What career to choose top university?

top university

When  choosing career top university are several factors involved. Such as the following:

  • The recognition and social prestige of the career, originated in the own judgment that the members of a community have on it. As social subjects we are the need for our judgment to correspond with that of other members. Reaching the conclusion that those studies considered prestigious by our peers will be the most respected. And those that will allow us to achieve success.

The problem of opting for what others consider to be prestigious means that what really interests us. We leave it aside, it is very likely that in the future we will see ourselves exercising a job in which we feel totally frustrated.

top university career

However, those with a higher rate of unemployment are those of French Philology with 45.4% or history with 38.1%.

  • To choose a career it is very important to define our strengths and weaknesses. For which the students must express in writing the tasks that are most interesting and those that are imagined doing as usual. As well as those for which there is a greater ease. With this, what will be achieved is to discard options to reach an election that is in accordance with our interests.
  • It would not be negligible to consult the tasks carried out by the graduates to know first-hand the real outlook of work that bring us closer to the different careers and the most outstanding areas of performance.
  • Alignment, we can decant by the rate of employ ability that can provide some careers or others. If we go to the field of social sciences, we will realize that it is the area chosen by Spanish women, given that 71.1% of the students are women. Some of them are, for example, social work, journalism, audiovisual communication, economics, law, labor relations, political science and administration. If we look at the field of engineering, construction and architecture. It is the area in which the greatest number of men is concentrated.

top university career for you

In addition to engineering, one of the fields with greater employ ability is the health area. Physicians are the ones with the lowest unemployment rate. Estimated at 0.6%. On the other hand, aeronautical engineering has an unemployment rate of 2.8%. The salary in this area covers between 20,000 euros for a technician and 25,000 for a senior engineer.

Although, the race that indicates lower rate of unemployment is the one of industrial electronic, whose percentage of unemployment is null.

The risk of guiding us through this point is that the most functional career does not coincide with our personal tastes. Which can cause us to end up frustrating when it comes to exercising tomorrow in a type of work that we really do not like. That is why we have to look for a balance between functionality and practicality.

For more details about races with more output. Discover the races with more work output.

  • When choosing a career, we must clearly define our preferences and let ourselves be guided by the latter. Checking as we said before, the possibilities of employ ability that this career can provide us. Once this is done. We have to analyze in detail the curriculum of each career to determine. If the type of subjects that will be studied really corresponds to our personal tastes.

The field of arts and humanities, which are ideal to reflect on the changes experienced by society in the field of communication. And expression, are subjects such as Fine Arts with subjects such as Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing, artistic creation or art criticism. Despite the fact that the degree of employ ability does not come as in degrees of engineering or medicine. The truth is that those who stand out as creative can get millionaire contracts that exceed 100,000 dollars per year.

choose a top university

  • It is very important that you share your thoughts and concerns with your family or friends. Also ask the opinion of a counselor of your institute or educational center. Which will be responsible for advising you on the many different options available to you. Neither would be negligible that you go to the faculties where your studies are taught. Since each center has its own characteristics and has teachers of greater or lesser reputation.
  • You have to evaluate the offer of existing top university degrees, considering some key points such as, for example. The duration of the studies given that it is possible that certain graduates require a specialization. And, therefore, their preparation will be longer in time. Another point to consider is the focus of the studies (more practical or theoretical). The flexibility of the training, the cost, the possibility of developing practices in companies. Or even, the geographical location, a factor that for many students results determinant.
  • In the event that you still do not have a known vocation. The best thing you can do is try different areas. Because in the end you will discover that you end up liking what you had least imagined. For this, it would not be negligible to do a free course. Which does not involve significant investments of time or money and can serve to open a path. Or on the contrary, to discard it completely.
  • You do not have to think as much in the title itself as in the competitions. It is true that the labor market is immersed in constant changes. But there are skills and competencies that will continue to be essential and highly valued. Although it seems otherwise. It is a mistake to think about the status that a degree can give us and not what we really learn with this race. In this sense, we must think about the real consequences of participating in a certain formation. That is reflecting on which professional we are going to become.
  • Don’t hesitate to reinvent yourself every day. The latter does not mean that you have to skip the current course. But plot a strategy, choose a destination and set course for it. You have to know the set of competences that you are capable of developing and apply it naturally and easily. You have to value the opportunity cost. That it will mean for you to develop those skills that you do not master. And that, in short, you will end up competing at a disadvantage.

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