6 ways to study discipline to children from 2 to 5 years old

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Study discipline- Being a mother is a matter of all days. And it not only involves bathing and feeding your child, but you need to educate in values ​​and with positive discipline . By doing so, you will be raising a good person and you will be proud of the HUGE work you did. In that struggle to correct, children are likely to have bad behavior. So, how to apply study discipline?

In an article is clear in stating that education is the second most important thing you can offer your child. The first is love.

The specialist explains that a child who has been taught self-control knows his limits and is sure of himself. However, a child without this learning is likely to have bad behavior and feel they do not love him. Try to stop him every time he throws a tantrum , says a “bad word” or fights with another child. This is the way to teach him.

Take into account that corporal punishment is not an option. According to Dr. Berry, the only thing children learn when they are beaten by their parents is to swallow resentments, to hide their anger and not to respect them. Violence does not solve anything.

Even if you try to avoid it, you will be tempted. Before doing so, breathe and try to have an extra dose of patience and control. Do not forget that your task as a mother or father is to educate rather than punish.

Top ways to study discipline

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Rules:  Indicate which rules you should follow. Do it in advance. If you fail, keep a firm position so that you understand that the rules were made to comply with them.

Moderate the “NO”: How? Being denied everything you do is not right. That “NO” will lose relevance. Learn 6 ways to say “no” positively.

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Coherence: When you have the task of study discipline with love you must remain calm, but be firm. Be consistent and keep the rules like the first day you defined them. For example: if your child must feed the dog every day, let him do it. Do not do your job Children must learn that they have responsibilities.

The thinking chair: If your child loses control send him to the thinking chair. There you should stay for a few minutes. Make sure it does not distract you. Do not have toys nearby. When the time of “punishment” has expired, explain to him why what he did is wrong and tell him that until he can stop by himself, you will send him to that place.

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Assign responsibilities: Dr. Berry recommends mothers assign responsibilities after 4 years. Of course, they will be according to their age.

Repetitive behaviors : Ask yourself what things might be causing my child to act that way. For example, children from 4 to 5 years old usually lie. Understand why they do it and if you must correct them study discipline.

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