How to educate the child to be independent

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When parents consider how they should educate the child based on the values ​​they want them to have. The attribute of independence always arises. All parents have the ideal image of raising a person who knows how to face problems. And solve them on their own, among many other positive things.

But how to educate the child to be independent? Many parents, when trying to solve this question. Fall into an error, and that is to give this independence? too early for the child to learn it for himself; In this case, independence is being confused with some form of solitude .

How to make a child autonomous and decisive?

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Like everything else, teaching a child to be independent depends on the always complicated task of finding a middle ground, the one between? Helping? And give things already done ?? To educate the child an independent person it is necessary to follow a guideline. First, it is taught, then it is helped and finally the child is left alone with the homework .

You can not go directly to the last step. Because that way we will only be able to sow doubts and insecurities. When we teach a child what tasks to do and how to do them we are not diminishing his ability to think for himself. But only by teaching him, so that he can gain confidence in what he does. The ability to figure out by itself what to do or how to solve a problem will come later; we can not force this to happen from the first moment. Because we will only achieve the opposite.

That yes, we must calibrate when the child does for himself less than he should, taking into account what we have already taught him. Or the times we have corrected him. It is not necessary to fall into the slower time in doing it than in explaining again how it is done ??.

Independence requires effort on your part , and patience for that of the parents. The best way to educate the child an independent person is, as always, by example. If you see how we deal with problems, you will understand for yourself how you should do it. This, together with the explanations that we provide, will be of great help to ensure that the child is resolution’s and autonomous.

Educate the child: How to control adolescent schedules

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The teenager demands more and more freedom and constantly negotiates with parents to arrive home late and spend time away from home. The question for parents is how to give autonomy in adolescence while maintaining the limits. We offer you some advice that will allow you to offer your child. Or your adolescent daughter the independence she claims without renouncing to maintain certain educational principles.

Autonomy in the adolescent

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Already in Primary, your child was acquiring autonomy. I went to school alone, had my own house key, started to know the neighborhood well, went to buy bread or stayed with a friend in the park? It is gratifying to see how it is becoming more independent. And the process expands when it enters Secondary. But how should we accompany our son on this natural path to independence without rushing things? I spend my life reminding parents that, until 2nd or 3rd of ESO. Their children are still young and they need them, especially to do their homework and study the lesson, says Laurence, professor from an institute near Nantes, in France.

Educate a teenager

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To educate a teenager is to find the right dose that mixes a solid anchor to the educational principles with a certain flexibility. It is being available when you need us, knowing that you have to let it breathe at other times. Is it to accept that he is “still small”, while at the same time recognizing that his adult personality already stands out? When entering adolescence, the child demands more and more freedom and engages in an almost permanent negotiation with us (? If I study on Tuesday afternoon, can I go out on Friday to eat with my friends, at the bar in front of the school? ???, If I advance the duties of this week, can I see my favorite series ???). Or try to blame us (??? All my friends of the school have mobile, why can not I ???). In those moments, we have todefend our principles and our standards of life, knowing that we are not alone before the education of our son.

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