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Studying tips

Studying tips-The analysis of student habits provides us with very frequent cases in which more than four hours pass since a student gets up in the morning and starts studying. If all the activities carried out during that time are analyzed, in most cases, the loss of time generated by certain “customs” is really very noticeable … See waste time.

It has to start with an analysis of personal habits. Since we got up until we went to bed, including the hours we spent in bed.

After a week analyzing how you spend every hour of your time, you will be able to know the time you waste and make a personal reflection on whether the distribution of your time is in accordance with your needs, priorities or objectives.

The studying tips is a very complex task that requires taking into account many aspects, such as the conditions of the study site, the student’s own motivation, the study techniques used.

One of these aspects that affect success or failure is if the student has correctly planned their time. That is, sometimes we tend to invest too much time in a secondary task while we forget other things perhaps more important or that should be ready in a specific week and cannot take longer.

In this page we will try to help you to correctly plan your studying tips so that he has not given me time not to be an excuse again.

A Plan, Studying tips:

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  • First, write down the activities you do in the afternoon and have a fixed schedule (sports, music, private lessons …)
  • Then print and complete the following table taking into account the activities you have targeted. Remember to write down the priorities of each week. For example: History Work for Tuesday or Language Test on Friday. This will help you to always keep them in mind and adapt the weekly work schedule.
  • Design a plan with what you want to achieve each year or course.
  • Keep a diary in which you write down all the incidents that are important in the fulfillment of what you plan
  • Try to help your family, friends and colleagues respect the Plan. Make it public. Propose it as a personal challenge.

The Plan in March, more Studying tips

Study tips: Planning

Ask your teachers, classmates how many hours of study are needed per week for your level of studies.

  • Avoid the night time , especially the late hours of the night.
  • Dedicate more hours to subjects that are more complex and difficult, even if they are not your favorite.
  • It is very important to insert brief periods of rest every hour of studies (five minutes). Some moderate physical movement can be highly recommended.

5 minutes

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The experience of a student who did 15 push-ups every hour of study gave very good results in a Center where he was imitated by most of his classmates.

Five applications to plan tasks and study better

One of the secrets to study better is to learn to organize the studying tips. That is, plan in an appropriate way the tasks, projects and activities that must be done, and process the notes in an orderly manner. Thanks to new technologies, your students can perform these actions with the help of different applications. We present you five apps that you can recommend to organize your tasks digitally.


the Study tips: Planning

The apps are the order of the day. So it will be very difficult for your students to give their thumbs or indexes if they can turn their study into something simpler. We recommend five applications that you cannot miss on your smart phones or tablets:

Ever note. It is the most used application when it comes to taking and organizing notes in a simple and orderly manner. Considered the “revolution” of Notepad, it introduces functionalities such as handwriting and digital or the integration of images in a single note, the creation of different libraries of notes, or the synchronization of the notes of all the applications used. It can be used to take notes, organize ideas, prepare lists, … Available for Android and iOS.

My Home work. Easy to use, this application is the ideal substitute to the school agenda of a lifetime. It allows to organize tasks and classes, to elaborate a school calendar or to create reminders to not forget any delivery or important exam. For Android and iOS.

Time Table. Similar to My Home work, this application is very attractive and easy to use. Its fun design allows you to organize tasks, subjects and classes by color, include notifications about upcoming assignments or exams and activate different customization options. Available for Android.

Exam Count Down. Developed by the Pearson group, it is a perfect application when it comes to keeping in mind the dates of the exams. Allows you to write down the dates of the tests in the agenda, plan the hours of study, make lists of tasks to manage the daily work and review, and access examiner and examiner advice when facing a test. Available for iOS.

Flashcards. Application that allows students to develop review cards digitally. Each card includes two faces, so that when they study they can write a question, and on the back the answer; or a concept, and on the other side the definition … It’s perfect to review, and it’s available for iOS. Your alternative in Android can be Flashcard Machine or Flashcards Study Droid 2.0.

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