Nursing school study tips for beginners

Nursing school study tips

Nursing is the third most searched career in our portal. You may be considering nursing as one of your options. If so, stay reading this information first hand with which you can assess studying this career. In this article, we will present nursing school study tips.

Nursing school study tips

Spirit of service. Nursing professionals are responsible for ensuring patients: to meet their basic needs, ensure the supply of their medications and constantly ask about their status. Must be a person very committed to the health of their patients.

Nursing school study tips

Have a good memory During the training process, you will have to take several theoretical courses in which memory is fundamental. An example of this is anatomy, where you must memorize names of each part of the body.

Ease to socialize. In the nursing practice, you will be constantly in contact with people: doctors, patients, relatives of patients and in charge of internal services in the hospital. Therefore, it is necessary that you like to socialize or, at least, that it is not difficult for you.

Sensitivity to human pain and disease. You will be dealing with people just like you. That is why you should not forget about human pain and the psychological weight of diseases for people. Every health professional should be very aware of this.

Test: 10 questions to see if you are good at being a nurse

Answer these questions with the yes or no to evaluate whether you have the qualities to be a nurse.

  • Do you worry about the welfare of your friends?
  • Is it easy for you to follow rules?
  • Do you consider yourself empathetic?
  • Does the human body attract your attention?
  • Do you lean towards the exact sciences?
  • Is it easy for you to socialize with new people?
  • Do you have a high capacity to organize?
  • Is it easy for you to take notes or keep track of your activities?
  • Do you have a good memory?
  • Are you a patient person?

If you answered mostly with yes, you will probably have the profile to study nursing. To deepen the topic and have first-hand information, we interviewed a nursing student who told us about his experience. This is what he told us:

Nursing school study tips

How did you choose to study nursing?

It was not my first choice. I tried to get into medicine but I could not. Then I tried a second time and I could not either. I decided to enter nursing. The first year I decided to stay because the profile fits a lot with what I wanted in my level of development.

What do you think is more interesting?

Actually, I wanted to study medicine at the beginning, but after the first year of nursing. I wanted to stay. This because the profile required for the race was adjusted to my characteristics. I also realized that the race was very versatile, so I knew I could cope in many areas.

What would you like to work on?

For now, I have been working in company medicine, but I would like to develop public health, as in the development of public policies, health promotion and education.

Can you help us with a false and true about nursing?

It is not considered as a profession. It has been said that nursing is a type of medical assistance. This is totally incorrect. Nursing is a very complex profession. In fact, a health service could not function without nurses. This is due to the specialization in certain procedures that only nurses can do. Similarly, patient care means that we must create a very humanistic profile focused on customer service.

It’s a women’s race. This is totally false. For historical reasons a gender stigma has been created, that is, we consider it that man does not have much role in this profession.

Memorize everything. Not really, in the theoretical part, it tends to take a lot to that. It depends on the abilities of each student to memorize or not everything. At the time of the practice, knowledge beyond memory is required. However, you must read a lot.

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