When is the best time to study for your brain

best time to study

If you are in school, university or doing a postgraduate study it is clear that stages of the course will come in which you will have to take the books again and dedicate yourself to the study. Some have a developed method but others have a harder time defining where to start, then it’s time to go to the basics. When is the best time to study for your brain?

When is the best time to study for your brain?

Before thinking about an appropriate time, you should prepare the ideal environment. Feel comfortable in a space at the right temperature and above all properly light. Read how to teach good manners to your children.

Forget about studying in bed or lying on a sofa, this will only make you sleepy, the best is to do it at a desk or a table that meets the right conditions.

When you start your studies, you should feel willing and energetic for it. Keep in mind that focusing is priority. So, do not start studying hungry or too sleepy or you will not get it.

best time to study

Regarding what is the best time to study there is no rule about it but it is clear that the more you progress the more tired day you will feel. So, do not plan your study hours before sleep or it will be difficult to concentrate.

There are people who work very well in the morning, considering this stage of the day as the most productive of the day. It is without a doubt the moment in which we have more energy and we are with the headrests they are good hours to study.

The hours after lunch are also favorable. You must overcome the uncontrollable desire to sleep that comes after a good lunch. If you plan to study in the afternoon, then avoid eating too heavy and if necessary take a half hour nap to rest a bit. It is better than to start the activity falling from sleep.

Dusk, before dinner, is the ideal time for many people with more nocturnal habits. Do not do that close to bedtime. If you think that if you can, your brain starts to produce hormones to prepare you for sleep and to fight against it will be very difficult.

A good strategy is to try the three schedules and create a scheme in which you can determine which time of the day is best suited to you. Take into account that at the level of energy and mental disposition of the morning is the best time of the day to study.

5 aspects to keep in mind about the best time to study

best time to study

The study of the University of Nevada. A report from the University of Nevada concluded in 2017 that the best time to study starts at 11 in the morning and ends at 9:30 in the evening. According to the researchers, hormonal changes imbalance the waking time of adolescents and young people. The study proposes that the start time of the classes be delayed. It clashes with the biological clock of the students.

Is the night to study? Some people call themselves “owl students” because they believe that night is the right time to internalize content. However, this practice should be an exception: it alters the biological clock and causes the accumulation of sleep. Even if we seem to be awake, the closer our bedtime approaches. The more it will cost us to concentrate.

The backward sleep and the feeding. If we face the study session with backward sleep and poor nutrition, we will not give up (whatever time it is). If you feel tired, you should take a nap and have a light meal before you start.

The advantages of studying in the afternoon. Some students highlight the advantages of concentrating study hours after lunch. For example, there are fewer passengers on public transport (goodbye rush hours!) And the atmosphere at the university is usually more relaxed. In addition, training in the afternoon facilitates the coexistence between study and part-time work.

The preferences of each student. Beyond studies and recommendations, the preferences of each one can be imposed. There are people who prefer to study at night because they feel comforted by domestic silence, while others tolerate getting up early enough. In other words: the schedule ends up being, inevitably, a matter of taste.

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