The five key practices of communicators well connected

The basic importance of knowing how to communicate effectively in leadership and in all aspects of life was stressed. To become a truly effective leader, in fact, not only do you have to communicate, but also you must be able to communicate effectively, that is, learn to connect and create a bond with other people in everyday situations.

The ability to effectively communicate and connect with others is a determining factor in reaching your potential. Once you understand the 5 key principles of connection in communication, there are five practices you need to practice to connect better with others – regardless of your age, experience or natural abilities.

Practicing them can change your life significantly …

Always find common ground

The main practice that opens the door to connection with others is to seek common ground. It is difficult to find common ground with others when the only person you focus on is yourself! Try to know the reasons why you and your listener want to communicate and create a bridge between these reasons.

Work hard to keep everything simple

As leaders and communicators, our task is to bring clarity to the OKRS – Objectives and key results, not complexity. It does not take much skill in identifying a problem or finding a good solution. The difficulty comes when it comes to explaining it and making it simple for others. Making things simple is a skill, and it’s necessary if you want to connect with people when you communicate.

Create an experience that everyone likes

If you make what you have to say interesting and enjoyable, you improve the likelihood that people will connect with you. Work to create a pleasant experience by asking questions, using humor or telling stories.

You say things that inspire the listener

Whether you understand it or not, everyone wants to be inspired. Effective communicators connect because they inspire. Knowing how to inspire people leads them to act.

Be whole, living what you say

To succeed in the long term, you have to do much more than just establish the connection. You have to keep connecting, but you can do it only when you live what you communicate. When you do, the results can be fantastic, improving the relationship as time passes.

Your credibility as a communicator and as a leader is all based on your integrity. If you have integrity, people will continue to trust you. If you don’t have integrity, your message will become rather than bold and challenging.

So, did you understand the difference between communicating and connecting?

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