5 things to consider when choosing a college

You finally finish your Baccalaureate and, between joy and nerves, it is time to make one of the most important decisions for your professional future:  choosing a career and a university in which to study it. This choice represents a great challenge for thousands of young people who are not exactly sure what to consider when discarding one school and opting for another.

This choice is, however, one of the most important that every student will have to make throughout their professional career. It will mark the type of training that you will be able to obtain, the opportunities that you will achieve, how adapted you are to the demands of the labor market, and, therefore, your opportunity to access a job and begin to develop as a professional.

Are you going to choose a university? Do you want to start your university studies and you don’t know which center to choose? How to prioritize one center over another? If you are in this situation, we tell you the  keys that you should analyze before choosing a university:

1) Future projection

You have just started your way into college, so it is logical that you only think about the present. However, it is best to choose a career thinking about all the levels of training that can be achieved.

That is, thinking about whether later it will be necessary to deepen the knowledge with a Master’s degree or specialization courses or if it will be enough with the Bachelor’s degree training to satisfy the demands of the market.

In case you want to continue training in the future, you will need a university that can offer these courses. Look for a center that, in addition to the degree you want to study, can offer you postgraduate studies according to your career. In addition, you must positively value those universities that have continuous training courses for their graduates.

2) International relevance

Is the university you are going to choose relevant internationally? Is recognized? Does it have prestige? The way to analyze it is to review the rankings that classify universities, such as the  World University Ranking prepared by QS.

3) Employability of its graduates

Will a job guarantee you to train at this university? Do your graduates have jobs? This is one of the most important keys that you must analyze.

To find out, you can consult with the groups of alumni of the center or analyze employability rankings of the universities such as the one prepared by QS. This tool will allow you to know the employment situation of the graduates of each center and decide whether this choice will guarantee your access to the labor market or not.

4) Presence of foreign students

Always prioritize those universities that are characterized by receiving a large number of foreign students. The daily coexistence with these students will allow you to improve your level of languages ​​and, in addition, get to know other cultures and open your mind to new knowledge.

5) Internship programs

Does the university you choose have an internship program? Are you struggling to employ your recent graduates? Do you have agreements with companies to hire your graduates?

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