Popular equipment choices for playgrounds

When a professional Playgrounds Cheltenham company such as https://www.greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/playgrounds-and-parks designs and instals a children’s playground in a local community there are a number of equipment pieces that are often included.

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Slide – in almost all playgrounds you will find a slide and in some bigger parks, you may find two. These two slides will often be of different heights and made from different materials. The larger slides are often made of steel and those for younger children are often made of plastic.

Swings – in a similar vein to slides, there will often be two different types of swings that will be installed in a playground. The swings that are intended for younger children will have a bar across the waist and the back to ensure that the children do not fall off the seat.

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Monkey bars – these are very common in playgrounds and are often found in those parks that are intended for older children. They can be found in a number of different types including those made from wood that remains at a static height and also those that are made from plastic or metal and increase and decrease in height.

Climbing frames – these are popular in playgrounds and are often accompanied by a fireman’s pole for the children to slide down.

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